5 Washington players whose stocks skyrocket after week 11


The Washington football team kept their playoff hopes alive by knocking out the Carolina Panthers 27-21 in Charlotte on Sunday.

It’s true, guys. The elusive “p” word entered the chat. We don’t know how long it’s going to last, but it’s here and that’s all that matters.

It would be easy to nitpick such a hotly contested game, but you won’t find us repeating the negatives after such a big win, which marred Cam Newton’s much-publicized comeback and gave Ron Rivera a rematch at the Ancient.

There were a myriad of notable performers in the game, but we’ve chosen to highlight some overlooked players who have dramatically improved their stock.

Don’t be disappointed if you don’t see guys like Taylor Heinicke, who has been phenomenal for the second week in a row, and Terry McLaurin (no explanation needed) on this list. These guys were obviously exceptional.

5 Washington players with rising stock after week 11

5. Joey Slye

It wasn’t that long ago that Washington supporters would stage a parade if their kicker attempted a goal that went beyond the line of scrimmage.

Now fans’ jaws would drop if Joey Slye dared to miss a kick, which has yet to happen. The former Virginia Tech star was once again perfect for Washington, scoring his two baskets (36 and 29 yards) and his three extra points.

This means Slye was responsible for nine points in a game Washington won by six. You know the team has come a long way in the kicker realm when fans revolt against Ron Rivera who chose to jump in asking Slye’s straight-leg cannon to attempt a 56-yard field goal in the fourth. quarter.

In his first two games in Burgundy and Gold, Slye is an impeccable 10-for-10; 5-for-5 on field goals and 5-for-5 on points after. What a turn of events. He has already passed Chris Blewitt on the franchise’s FG roster

Too early?

Barring an unforeseen meltdown in the remaining seven games, Slye will be the kicker for the Washington football team in 2022.


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