26-Year-Old ‘Single’ Runs 7K for First Date, Creates Date Feedback Form to Rate Her

SINGAPORE — A TikTok user in Singapore who went on her first date had a new idea: Create a Google form to collect feedback on how the date went.

The 26-year-old, who goes by the username “Wikendvidspam” on TikTok, recorded her first dating experience and posted the video last Sunday (October 30).

The video has since gone viral with 1.3 million views and 128,000 likes in four days.

Calling herself an “introverted bachelor who has never dated anyone in her entire life,” Wikendvidspam’s activity of choice for her first date was a 7k run. An unconventional first date activity, we have to say, though we think it’s a great way to test out your date.

Leaving at dawn, she met her date at Buona Vista MRT station where they started their ride together.

After chatting over drinks at Chinatown Complex, the duo walked and talked some more before parting ways.

We assume the date went well, as Wikendvidspam had to give herself a “jaw massage” because she was “talking too much”.

After the date Wikendvidspam made an unconventional move – she sent a feedback form to her date, asking her to “note the date”.

A number of users who viewed his video loved the idea of ​​a post-date feedback form and praised Wikendvidspam for its unique approach.

One TikTok user commented, “The feedback form is such a cute idea!”

Wikendvidspam ends the video by saying that she strives to develop some interpersonal skills because it is important to have them as a “working adult”.

Many TikTokers have applauded Wikendvidspam on her journey to step out of her comfort zone and date her.

A TikTok user wrote: “Good work for today! It’s always scary to put yourself forward, even if it’s the 100th time hahaha.

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